Add Plants To Your Commercial Landscape Maintenance in Florida

Commercial Landscape Maintenance in Florida

Commercial landscape maintenance in Florida is all about water management. It would be a colossal mistake to install all your landscape needs without first checking whether your area is vulnerable to hurricanes, flooding, or drought. Adding enough green plants will help your commercial landscaping stay hydrated and healthy for years. With Plantz, you can easily add more greenery to your landscape and save money. Begin saving this year!

A Way To Add Different Types of Plants in Florida

Below are some easy ways to add lush green plants to your commercial landscape maintenance in Florida, keeping it healthy and happy for years to come.

1. Add More Landscape in Small Spaces

Growing plants in a small space is a great way to expand the size of your landscape and extend the life of your buildings and equipment. Plants need only small amounts of water; drip irrigation can help conserve water. If you are unsure how to install your plants in a small space, our team can help you.

2. Add More Mosses and Green Plants

Our patented cypress tree method makes Mosses and green plants easy to add to commercial landscapes. All you have to do is plant your trees 2′ apart on new landscape beds or landscape pads, and then fill the space between the plants with moss and add white stones, twigs, stone chips or crushed eggshells to the planting bed.

3. Plant “Low-Maintenance” Plants

Some low-maintenance plants you can plant in Florida include:

Native Grasses and Mosses, Fruit and Nut Trees & Bushes, Conifers & Evergreens, Palms & Cycads, Groundcovers and Perennials. Landscaping with these plants is a great way to save money on maintenance while adding natural beauty to your business.

4. Plant Water-Efficient Trees and Shrubs

Native plants are the best option, but if you have to add non-natives, consider some more effective, water-efficient trees and shrubs. The best choices for Florida include Flowering Dogwood, Live Oak, Redbud, and Sweetbay.

5. Plant Evergreens

Evergreens are easy to grow, and you can use them yearly. The beautiful evergreen plants for commercial landscape maintenance in Florida include Crepe myrtle, Chamaecyparis spp., Princess tree, Red maple, Kentucky coffee tree, and Cork-tree.

6. Build decks with native palms and cypress trees (Cyclocephala complete).

Native trees look great in commercial landscapes and can be used year after year if properly maintained. The best native palms and cypress trees for your retail landscape include Princess trees, Tamarinds, Fan palms, and Natives, although they are not always the most desirable option.

7. Plant Trees in the Pruning Area

If you have a large area that needs landscaping, you can use trees in the pruning area to add height and shade to your business. Plant a weeping willow in this area for an evergreen look that will complement other plants around it.


Plantz is a company that offers you the ability to create a beautiful commercial landscape. We will work closely with you to design and install different types of plants in Florida and provide you with maintenance help and access to replacement plants and tree services. To give your space a healthy and eye-pleasing vibe, contact us today at tel: 8554752689.


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