AI Driven Recruiting Solutions Help Find The Ideal Talent For Job

AI Driven Recruiting Solutions- Moonhub AI

At the present moment, artificial intelligence (AI) technology, is transforming our lives by manifolds. This cutting-edge innovation is gathering a lot of momentum, with respect to talent acquisition. According to a recent survey, about 16% of organizations are already employing AI-driven solutions for HR operations, which is forecasted to increase by 30% by early 2023.

The buzzing trend of AI in HR workflow is in part due to its ability to develop, personalized strategies to engage the employees and facilitate employee performance.  To give you a bigger picture as to why hiring managers should use this technology, within their daily workflows if they need to scale their company efficiently, keep reading the post till the end.

Automate Recruitment Process Through AI Technology

According to a recent survey, 68% of the prospective job seekers’ report their recruitment experience online. If they give a bad review, it can tarnish an organization’s image and discourage further hiring. The survey then states that 59% of the candidates avoid a company, owing to bad reviews. Hence, companies are forced to offer the best experience for active candidates during the hiring period.

An interaction with the would-be employee, sends a clear message about the organization’s culture. To make candidate experience pleasant, you can try to automate the recruitment process with the help of Moonhub AI technology and systems.

Since candidate experience is critical for hiring, you can utilize conversational AI tools. In addition, screening job seekers through phone interviews, chatbots, or video calls on conversational AI, is a great way to open equal opportunities to each prospective employee.

Also, interaction with applicants leads to better experience. Thus, improving your brand in the long term. A report says, 63% of the candidates believe that the response time, while waiting for a recruitment decision, must be quicker.

Automate Manual Tasks Through AI Technology

Boring manual tasks like screening talent, scheduling interviews, and figuring out your evolving team are the tasks you hate to deal with every day. AI driven sourcing can allow you to automate your workflows.

According to a McKinsey report, 19% of the business tasks can be automated with technology. According to a forecast the automation wave will reach 30% of the job titles by the year 2030. Artificial intelligence is the best way to streamline business processes such as hiring. AI based recruitment saves time and enhance the your experience .

Use automated CV checkers to accomplish tasks without disturbing your busy schedule. Automated messaging services or using chatbots is also a good way to automate boring tasks. Candidates can be responded to quickly through automated conversations for a position. Thus, doing away with the need to attend calls or emails to recruit the right talent. This can be especially beneficial when trying to target passive candidates.

Allow Cost Effective Hiring In A Timely Way

Using AI technology for hiring involves some expenses. Nevertheless, it saves cost and positively impacts return on investment in the long run. AI does away with the need to hire more employees or conduct interviews. It makes sure you’re capturing the best fit professional for the position. You save money on coming up with a realistic job description, training, employee turnovers and additional costs by hiring the right person.

Companies not using AI systems have to spend more on training the employees. This is a big drain on their annual budgets. AI is not cheap, but the efficient processes. With the help of several AI-powered hiring platforms, it is now simpler and less expensive to find the ideal candidates.

The Bottom-line

There are many more ways AI driven recruiting can be a blessing when hiring the best talent. On the whole, Moonhub AI solution can mitigate unusually long time to hire, for your company. Moreover, can filter candidate profiles to procure only the relevant candidates and top talent to cut down cost by a substantial amount.

Moonhub AI is an innovative hiring solution that businesses put in use to help grasp the talented professionals in the areas they require, without wasting valuable time. The AI technology in place at Moonhub, has made life easy for recruiters who use it extensively to find candidates that are an ideal-fit for the vacancies that companies need to fill, at much less costs than done through internal recruiters and external agencies.

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