Party Bus Tours: Exploring Toronto’s Landmarks On A Party Bus Toronto

Party Bus Toronto

Visiting the iconic locations in Toronto by booking a party limo bus can be an excellent experience for you and your loved ones. In this article, you will get to know the reasons why you should have this Toronto sightseeing adventure on a party bus. Moreover, you will get to know the landmarks of Toronto that you must visit on the party bus tour. So, read below to know all of it:

Why Exploring Toronto’s Landmarks in a Party Bus Can Be a Great Decision?

Exploring Toronto’s landmarks can be a great option because of the following reasons:-

    1. You can have a great time onboard the party bus with your family, friends, or colleagues.
    2. It will be a very exciting sightseeing opportunity that will be a lot better than the traditional method.
    3. You can have great entertainment options on the party bus.
    4. The party bus company can also provide you with refreshments for the duration of the whole tour.
    5. You can plan the tour per your schedule, and the chauffeur will oblige.
    6. A theme of your choice can be incorporated into the party bus for the whole tour in terms of lighting, decoration, and activities as well.
    7. You will get a spacious and comfortable traveling option with many amenities that can transport many of your guests easily on tour.

Seven Landmarks of Toronto That You Must See in a Party Bus Tour

CN Tower:

It is the most iconic landmark of Toronto that you must visit on your tour. You can tell the driver to park the bus so that you and your guests can explore the tower and see Toronto from its observation deck. The mesmerizing Toronto skyline that you will see from there will literally take your breath away.

Casa Loma:

If you wanna see how royalty feels like, then you must plan to visit the Casa Loma castle in your tour. The beautiful interiors and spacious garden will transport you to the world of Kings and Queens. A lot of events keep happening in this happening place, so you can also witness one of them if you are lucky enough. This landmark needs some time to explore fully. So, you should have ample time on your tour to spend here.

Distillery District:

Visiting the distillery district will take you back to the 19th century, as this place was built in that era. It is a Victoria-era landmark of Toronto that has a lot of cafes, restaurants, boutiques, and galleries. It is a must-visit place if you wanna eat fine delicacies, explore Canada’s culture, and watch art exhibitions. Moreover, a lot of live performances, plays, and events keep happening here regularly, which you can enjoy along with your guests.

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Ripple’s Aquarium of Canada:

It is a must-visit landmark if you wanna see what the aqua world looks like. A lot of marine animals, along with the surreal coral reefs, will make you marvel at them. The most attractive parts of this museum are its underwater tunnel and the aquatic shows that happen here. This place is on the ground floor of the CN Tower, so you can visit both locations in one go.

Art Gallery of Ontario:

This art gallery is heaven for lovers of art. You should definitely visit this iconic site with your guests on your party bus tour. A lot of art pieces made by the artists of Canada and the whole world are kept on display here. The art collection here has the right mix of ultra-modern art pieces, along with classic paintings that are centuries old. So, you must visit this place to explore the art in the paintings and in this gallery’s building as well.

Kensington Market:

It is one of the iconic markets of Toronto. There are a lot of shops, restaurants, and boutiques. You and your guests can enjoy different cuisines in the Kensington market, as a lot of multicultural restaurants serve distinct delicacies here. The bright and narrow streets here have a very beautiful charm that will win your hearts for sure. You will get to taste a lot of International flavours in this market that you won’t get in the rest of Toronto.

High Park:

You and your guests can have a picnic of sorts on your party bus tour in Toronto’s high park. It is a very big park that spans over 400 acres. It is laden with gardens, forests, walking trails, ponds, a zoo, and even sports facilities. You can have a lot of outdoor adventures by visiting the high park on your tour.

Final Words:

It will really be a one-of-a-kind tour where you will get to explore Toronto in all its glory. The iconic locations of Toronto will literally make you explore the city in a unique way. The party bus will add a lot more comfort, fun, and joy to the tour. So, you shouldn’t wait any longer. You should book a Party Bus Toronto today and gather your loved ones to have a Toronto tour soon.

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