Top 5 Recession-Proof Housing Markets In 2023

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These markets have proved to be able to withstand the headwinds that have afflicted real property and the economy thus far.

Making the right choice of real property investment to add to your portfolio is a process that requires a lot of study and deep knowledge about the market your investing. Making a poor choice can cause your portfolio to drop significantly in value. When the market begins to decline as the economy begins to enter recession, making the best investment is even more crucial.

The most lucrative investments are those that happen in markets that are immune to recession These are places that have homes highly sought-after regardless of the state of the economy. Different markets perform similarly. If you invest your money into properties that are located in areas that are recession-proof You can enjoy regular rentals, moderate increases in difficult economic times and ongoing rental increases Year-over-year.

Why Now Is a Great Time to Invest

Recent market trends suggest that 2023 is an excellent moment to start investing in property, as it is based on the appropriate markets. In recent months, rates of interest have been increasing. However, the rates have decreased and could be stopped before the end of the year. Demand from buyers is also decreasing and makes it simpler for investors to get into real estate investing without having to submit multiple bids prior to getting one accepted.

Although the current economic situation has a negative impact on the market for real estate as in general but there are certain markets that seem to be resilient to recession, which implies the market will be profitable when compared to the general market for homes.

When it comes to identifying markets thought to be recession-proof, there’s a myriad of things to take into consideration that include all the way from average sales price to the number of people living there. This article offers an extensive outline of five most reliable markets that you can invest in through 2023.

Kansas City, Missouri

The largest cities within Missouri, Kansas City has long been a sought-after tourist destination for California residents, as well as people relocated from other big Midwest cities. There are a variety of data and stats that suggest Kansas City being recession-proof. For instance, the median sales cost in Kansas City has continued to rise and this means that buyers demand isn’t falling as it does in towns or towns which are not.

In all real estate markets homes typically reach their highest during the summer and spring months before slowing down in winter months, when fewer buyers are looking. This is also the situation with Kansas City, the median price of a home is trending upwards for a long duration. The median price of sales at the time of writing is $230,000. This is an increase of 7 percent. In June 2022 the median cost was $285,000.

Over the next few months the value of homes within Kansas City should increase since there is no indication that the current state of the economy has a negative impact on the real estate market locally. Although homes are costlier for those living in Kansas City, the median price of $230,000 is affordable when compared to the other major areas across the U.S. Be aware that rents do not fall as much in times of recession, giving you the chance to charge fairly high rents, even if you are able to buy an apartment at a low cost.

As of the beginning of 2023 over 400 properties were sold on this market. The average home sales are around 1,000 each month during the hot summer months. In the last few years, sales for homes within the metropolis have been fairly constant, meaning that the best season to buy a home depends on the kind of property you’re purchasing and the amount of competition you’re prepared to face.

Remember the fact that 28% of the homes that were on the market in January 2023 had price reductions, which is an increase of 11. If this is the case you’ll have some bargaining potential when you try to negotiate an offer that is lower. In the last decade the population of Kansas City have steadily grown. The present population is over 500,000 and has grown by more than 50,000 since the year 2010. If you’re planning on renting your investment property it is likely you’ll be in the presence of a significant number of renters seeking to rent it out.

Akron, Ohio

Akron is another well-known mid west city that has affordable prices for homes that investors can make use of. The median price for homes in the city is less than $107,000 which is similar to what it was at that time in the previous year. Although home prices in many cities tend to highest in July and June The home prices in Akron were in line with the June high that was set in the month of September.

Another indication of evidence that Akron is a real estate market that is recession-proof is the number of days homes were in the marketplace before they were sold has been constant. In January of 2022, homes were available for sale for 33 days on average before they were sold. A one year later, properties remain being advertised on average for 34 days prior being sold.

If a recession hits areas that aren’t recession-proof the demand for buyers to fall dramatically as a result of houses being put on the market much longer than normal. Even though a recession is approaching it, the real estate market in Akron is essentially maintaining its growth in the time of their lowest.

Lehigh Acres, Florida

Lehigh Acres is among the most robust property markets across the U.S. and is ideal for those interested in investing in real estate in 2023. The most obvious indication of how this Lehigh Acres real estate market is doing very well would be the median sales value of more than $327,000 which is more than 25% more than median sales price in January 2022.

Although home values typically hit the lowest point in January the median cost for homes within Lehigh Acres has only been marginally higher in July, the month of August and October the year before. Values for homes have increased dramatically over the past 10 years. In January of 2018 the median cost for a house in this area was $165,000 which means that the current price is almost twice as high.

If you’re planning to invest in real estate that can give you steady income, the property you choose to invest in will rise with time due to of the overall health of Lehigh Acres market.

Be aware that the population of the city has increased significantly in the last decade and is expected to grow in the years to come. As of 2011, Lehigh Acres was home to around 92,000. The number of residents has grown every year and is currently located at just over 125,000. If you are an investor, the more residents living in the city would make it easier to locate tenants and maintain rents at an all-time high.

Indianapolis, Indiana

Indianapolis is another renowned real estate market, with low prices for homes. In January 2023, the median selling price for a single-family house located in Indianapolis is $215,000 which is an increase of 1.5 percent. In actuality there hasn’t yet be a single month with no an increase in the value of homes within the last four years.

The median price of a home was just a bit above $136,000. If you invest on the Indianapolis real property market, you will be confident that your home will appreciate in value in the future. Properties are only in the market for about 33 days prior to being sold, which suggests that there are a lot of tenants and buyers in the market. Buyers who cannot afford to buy a home due to the economic downturn tend to rent. This means that you’ll likely be able attract new tenants with no difficulty.

In spite of the fact that all houses are sold fairly quickly, homes in the most sought-after areas of Indianapolis go from being advertised to being pending in only seven days. As with the other cities listed on this listing, population of Indianapolis has been growing steadily for the past 10 years. In 2013, 84,000 people lived in Indianapolis.

Presently, the number of people living in the country is more than 900,000 if you take the most recent estimates into consideration.

Another indicator of the fact that Indiana’s economy is stable is the anticipated growth in employment within the metropolis. The rate of growth in employment across the entire state of Indiana is 2.2% between 2023-2024. By contrast, Indianapolis is expected to have an employment increase of 2.9 percent over the next two years. This means more people will move to the city and seeking for a place to rent.

Birmingham, Alabama

If you’re trying to make an investment in a highly-rated real property market which also houses affordable properties, Birmingham may be the ideal place to start. The median price of one-family homes was under $210,000 in December 2022 that’s the 20.7 percent increase over that same timeframe in 2021. When you purchase a property in Birmingham it is likely that you will receive an investment property that is likely to increase in value while you own it.

Be aware the fact that property is usually thought of as a hedge against inflation. When other investments are likely to decline in value, the value of real estate generally rise. You could also keep a steady income in a market that is prone to recession because you can pay rent that is consistent.

The median rent for a single-bedroom home within Birmingham is $1,298 at the time of February 2023. This is an increase of 27 percent. With this in mind, you’ll can buy at a bargain cost and then rent the property for a price that is higher than what the monthly mortgage.

One reason Birmingham is a reliable market is the constant job growth Birmingham experiences. In the past year, the city seen job growth of about 2percent. Recent studies suggest that the rate of job expansion in this city over the coming decade will be in the range of 29 percent. A city with significant job growth indicates that you’ll be able stay clear of tenancy issues. A booming job market usually means that the real property sector will also be well-liked.


Real estate is a type of investment you do not have to pull out of your portfolio once a recession comes around. In times of economic downturn you might be able to maintain your income and minimize losses to your portfolio by investing in areas that are thought to be resilient to recession.

The five markets listed above have proved to be very popular with buyers. If you decide to invest in one the markets mentioned, you can be sure to increase the worth of your home will increase over as long as you keep it.

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