Which Types Of Air Dryers Are Used In Industrial Activities


In any industrial activity or manufacturing process, you need water, gas, and electricity. If any of these elements is missing, you may not be able to work.

Compressed air is equally indispensable. Several manufacturing and industrial work processes require the use of compressed air for daily use.

In fact, there are four types of air compressors used in industrial activities.

  • Refrigerated Air Dryers
  • Desiccant Air Dryers
  • Chemical Air Dryers
  • Air Membrane Dryers

Refrigerated Air Dryers

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You will see the use of refrigerated air dryers almost in every type of industry. It works exactly the same way how a normal home refrigerator works. The gadget follows the same cooling process and other mechanical functions.

The primary purpose of a home refrigerator is to keep perishable food items cool and fresh. But the use of an air dryer is essential to improve the quality of air inside the factories and workshops.

When you install an advanced air dryer, the compressed air is cooled to around 34-degree Fahrenheit. The moisture is then drained out and the new air gets automatically reheated by incoming air. The refrigerated dryer enhances the working environment inside the factor while ensuring maximum safety for machinery and plants.

Features of Refrigerated Dryers

  • You can get a refrigerated dryer installed at a relatively low cost than other drying systems
  • The gadget doesn’t need frequent maintenance
  • The air compressor intake filter within the gadget ensures that airborne oil particles don’t enter in the machine.

Desiccant Dryer

The desiccant dryer comes under the adsorption category. It contains a hygroscopic drying agent, which is responsible for its overall functioning and maintenance. Once you turn on the gadget, the compressed air passes through a vessel with towels filled with silica gel (drying agent).

Silica gel sucks moisture from the compressed air and blows the desiccant materials dry. Depending upon your purpose, you can buy an internally-heated desiccant dryer or heatless dryer. Usually, a coalescing filter is used to protect the desiccant agent from oil contamination.

Desiccant dryers aim to make a controlled humidity environment where refrigerant dehumidifiers can’t offer the optimum drying levels. These dryers are stronger than refrigerant-based dehumidifiers. The latter works best in hot temperatures while desiccant dryers work best in a cooler environment.

These dryers are mainly used for mold prevention, the healthcare sector, and flood relief operations.

Chemical Air Dryers

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These dryers work in tandem with deliquescent chemicals. Primarily, sodium, calcium chloride, and lithium are used in the operation. When the machine is turned on, these chemicals collect the moisture and the water present in the atmosphere. Using a high-quality filtration system, these matters are disposed of. You need to regularly get these materials disposed of or else you may start facing technical issues.

Chemical air dryers are easy to operate. Any firm can install the gadget with a minimal investment. However, you need to make sure that its filtration system is working to its full capacity. Any technical or maintenance issue in the filtration systems can render the machine infective.


Membrane Air Dryers

These dryers are used for dehumidification purposes. You can find these dryers in use in the food production process. The machines are more suitable for use in smaller projects over a limited area.

When compressed air goes inside a membrane air dryer, it moves around membrane fibers. Fibers allow oxygen to pass through membrane while it dehumidifies the atmospheric conditions in the industrial unit. It works on its own without any electricity.

The gadget also doesn’t make any sound. However, the machine requires clean and oil-free air without any particulate. The gadget contains a prefilter, which you should change to ensure the optimum working of the dryer.

How Does A Compressor In Air Dryer Work?

Moisture in the air can go inside a compressing machine. Too much moisture can cause rust and contamination in the quality of the compressed air. You need a compressed air dryer to reduce moisture and enhance the life of the machine.

A dryer is necessary to create a safer and more conducive work environment to operate various machines and minimize the chance of air contamination inside the premises.

How Can You Use An Air Dryer?

Before choosing a compressed air dryer and its types, you need to know the following points:

  • The purpose for which you are buying a compressed air dryer.
  • You must understand the pressure due point.
  • Calculate the temperature of the air.

People have a preconceived notion that dehumidifiers and air compressors are essential for large operations only, but even small factories use them.

In Conclusion

Using an air dryer system in the factory can also enhance its productivity. If you haven’t installed an air dryer system yet, do it now. All you should do is get an air dryer installed in the workshop with a lifetime warranty. Get in touch with Kaishan Compressors for more information.

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