Escape False Charges With The Help of an Criminal Defense Lawyer

Many people are unfamiliar with the criminal defense process, believing that they would be fine if they did not hurt anyone and have a good excuse for their actions. That is not the case; having someone who can help you through this difficult time is imperative. We at Brett McGarry Law firm provide the best Ottawa Criminal Defense Lawyer with the best representation. We are dedicated to fighting for your rights and freedom and want you to know that you do not have to suffer in silence.


How Can an Ottawa Criminal Defense Lawyer Clean Your Name?


  1. Contact an experienced criminal defense attorney immediately if you are arrested. You have the right to remain silent, and any information given can be used against you in court. Therefore, you need someone who is going to fight for your rights.
  2. Your criminal defense attorney can tell you if you do not have to go with the police. However, if you are to meet the arresting officers, ensure that they know that an Ottawa Criminal Defense Lawyer is representing you.
  3. An experienced Criminal Defense Lawyer will also represent you regarding bail conditions and also will help with your release from jail on bail. It is imperative that when you are out on bail, do not contact any witnesses or the prosecution agents for some time until your case has been settled. As a Defense Lawyer, we can help you gain bail, and it is paramount that you seek our services if you need bail. That can help keep you out of jail and help us fight for your freedom.
  4. After settling the case, we can help you with a Pre-Trial Conference. There is a great possibility that you will be testifying in court, and therefore you must have someone to help you with the pretrial conference.
  5. An Ottawa Criminal Defense Lawyer can represent you at trial and can work on your defense before the court during your trial. We advocate for our clients to ensure that we fight for their rights in court so that they are not forced to give evidence against them in the event of a trial.


Benefits That You Can Achieve With Ottawa Criminal Defense Lawyer


  1. We want you to feel that your rights are protected; therefore, you do not have to worry about your freedom regarding any criminality charged against you.
  2. We want to help keep you out of jail, so we will work with the prosecution to ensure that you are truly innocent and no longer accountable for criminal charges.
  3. We also want to fight for any missing evidence, which can go a long way in ensuring that our clients are found innocent in a court of law.
  4. Our Ottawa Criminal Defense Lawyer can help negotiate a plea deal to ensure that our clients are not found guilty and are given a lesser sentence, if any.
  5. We want you to know that we can represent you at trial so that you do not have to worry about giving evidence against yourself in the event of the trial.
  6. We want to meet with you before the trial and gain an understanding of your case so that we can work to the best of our abilities to ensure it is won.
  7. Our criminal defense lawyer can represent you before the court concerning bail conditions so that you are free from restrictions and can act as though there is no pending case against you.
  8. Our Ottawa Criminal Defense Lawyer can also help with any evidence in your case that we believe will benefit your favor.


Brett McGarry Law Firm also offers you sexual assault in Ottawa. We are dedicated to helping our clients if they find themselves in this situation and want to guarantee that you have the best Defense Lawyer to help you. It is not easy witnessing the wrongful use of power by police or prosecutors, and therefore we ensure that our clients are not used against them in this way.

The law is on our side, and we can stand up for our rights and freedoms when police or prosecutors threaten them. For more information simply, visit the website, call us at 613-884-8576, or email at


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