How Is Benoit Morin a Helping Hand in Healthcare?

Helping Hand in Healthcare

Benoit Morin, a health care expert and a former head of PHSA, is helping healthcare providers in Canada. Benoit has been a prominent health care expert in Canada since 2006. Having experience with many aspects of Canadian healthcare, Benoit Morin is helping to provide insight on what needs to be done to provide better services for patients struggling with challenging conditions.

Morin is a frequent voice for patients in Canada about health care issues. Having been appointed as a PHSA in 2019, Morin played a critical role in developing new strategies for improving the accessibility and quality of healthcare services to patients during COVID-19.

Morin is considered an expert on patient experience and innovation and is well-versed in his knowledge of different healthcare regulatory frameworks and patient safety.

Health and Wellness Changes That Benoit Morin PHSA, Catered.

1. Ventilator-associated cases of pneumonia

During a recent COVID-19 Conference, Morin spoke to the audience about the importance of ventilator-associated pneumonia and how it needs to be addressed by healthcare providers. In his speech, he stated, “We are not doing enough to manage risk factors and prevent ventilator-associated pneumonia.” He also said ventilator-associated pneumonia is one of the Canadian hospitals’ most common healthcare-acquired infections.

2. Screening for Depression

Benoit Morin PHSA, gave a notable speech about how depression can be the most overlooked condition in Canada and should not be ignored. He says, “The number of people with depression suffering from suicidal thoughts is unknowable.” However, he also said, “We need to talk about this more often”  and “we all need to listen more.” he did that speech in front of the entire audience, which included admission departments, neurosciences, and psychiatrists.

3. How we need to improve communication with palliative care

“We have been talking about palliative care for a long time,” said Morin during one of his speeches. He also encouraged the audience about how palliative care is a “resource that is important and deserves to be valued.”

4. Mental Health in general

Benoit Morin PHSA, wanted to spread awareness about mental health, especially among children and teens, when he spoke about the importance of mental health and how a “mental health crisis is not uncommon,” especially in today’s society. He said it’s hard, but we must try our best and “take care of children.”

5. How we need to improve communication between hospitals, GPs, and patients

Morin said that “communication is an essential thing in any organization.” He also stated that communication is essential in health care, especially for doctors and patients. He pleaded for better communication because “when you don’t communicate, it’s hard to try and make changes.” That shows how Morin is helping hand healthcare in Canada’s healthcare industry because he believes in better communication with doctors and patients.

6. Morin encourages physicians to talk about the future of healthcare

In a recent speech, Morin asked all the doctors in the audience to talk about what they think the future of health care will be. He believes this is very important since “the future of medicine is changing, and we need to think about how we will change with it.” So it goes along with his belief that communication is vital for providing better quality healthcare.


7. Heroin and Opioids in Canada

Benoit Morin is involved in a heated debate about heroin and opioids in Canada. He feels that the National Addictions Strategy, launched by the Government of Canada, is basically “wasting our time.”  He believes that this is not the solution to drug addiction in Canada. In his recent speech, he stated, “We have to admit that we are failing to respond to the problem of opioid addiction.” He believes “we need to have an honest discussion about the problem to provide better solutions.” 


8. Canada’s fight against the opioid crisis

Benoit Morin, was the keynote speaker at a recent Canadian Patient Safety Institute symposium. In this speech, he discussed the current opioid crisis in Canada and how it has affected patients. According to him, “the threat of opioids is real.” However, he also stated, “we need to treat patients with respect and dignity.” “We can’t tolerate this, and we need to do something about it,” he stated.

Morin has over 20 years of experience working in health care and played a significant role in improving Canadians’ outcomes, patient experience, and quality of healthcare. He also played a central role in addressing issues with the regulatory framework and helping improve the standard of healthcare in Canada.

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Benoit Morin PHSA, is a health care expert who believes in many things that are being done by the Canadian healthcare industry, and in COVID-19, he is to be considered a helping hand in healthcare. He thinks about improving communication between GPs and patients and that it should always be the first thing, more priority than other things. Being the most crucial part of healthcare, communication with GPs and patients should never be compromised because they consider Canadians as their families. To learn about him, you can visit:

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