Is Significant Hair Loss Common?

Hair Loss

If you are asking yourself this question, the first thing we have to tell you is to stay calm. You don’t need to get hysterical or think about drastic measures like getting rid of your beard. Both face and head hair loss daily, it is a completely natural process and it happens to everyone, without distinction.

However, there are times when the loss is a little more abundant. In this post, LXR Men is going to talk a little about this and have shared tips to cure it.

Yes, It Is Normal

As we tell you, hair loss — no matter where it comes from — is completely normal and is part of your body’s natural renewal process. We constantly lose some of our hair, just as we shed dead skin cells and so much other “waste” that we don’t need. This renewal process, however, is relatively slow and subtle, and we hardly ever realize that it is happening non-stop.

In addition, with regard to the hair on the head and beard, there are times of the year when this fall or renewal is more pronounced. Specifically throughout the fall. Doesn’t it make sense if you think about it a little? Don’t forget that your beard is alive, just like you. And that it is not only about showing off and caring for your beard.

Additionally, you must comprehend how it works. Some conjunctural determinants such as stress also have a great influence. So, first of all, you don’t have to worry too much.

When Should You Pay Attention to Facial Hair Loss?

Losing some hair while you dedicate yourself to beard care is totally normal. But sometimes that loss is very high. How do you know what we mean by “very high”? Trust us, it is known. Take a look at your beard comb or beard brush after grooming. If there are a lot of tangled hairs, or if you find more than normal in the bathtub or sink, you may want to keep a close eye on your beard.

Do not jump to conclusions at first and pay attention to that loss for a long time. We talk about weeks or months. In the meantime, you can use natural beard-strengthening products that don’t damage your skin. If the hair loss is constant and continues to be above average, there may be a problem. In this case, a dermatologist should be consulted first.

Most of the problems with beards tend to be in the skin that is under them and that we almost never see. Tell your concerns to the doctor and he always follows his instructions. Although we advise against the use of hair loss products and prefer natural products, listen to your doctor and put yourself in his hands.

Some Tips That Will Help You

Always as a complement to what a skin medical professional tells you, there are some things that you can do with the care of your beard and its maintenance. They will not automatically stop the fall, but they will not be a hindrance either and will contribute to a healthier beard.

1. Use the right beard products

We repeat it as it is important. Beard products are specifically formulated to be applied to your beard. Taking into account how is the skin of your face and the characteristics of the hair. The ingredients used to make them are natural and not aggressive with your beard. Using any non-specific or low-quality product can end up damaging your beard and accelerating hair loss.

2. Pampering

Taking care of your beard is, at the same time, an obligation and a pleasure. Just like the skin on your face. That’s why you have to be delicate with your beard. When you wash your beard, when you apply beard shampoo or beard oil or when you brush your beard… don’t be rough. Better to do everything delicately.

Do not pull your beard, or treat your skin in any way. Gentle, leisurely gestures and massages. And also beard combs and brushes that are respectful of your beard and do not split the hairs or directly pull them out. A good brush can help you stimulate the hair roots and prevent hair loss.

3. Diet and healthy living

Indeed, what you eat and your lifestyle also have to do with the growth of the beard. Many times the hair is weakened because it is not sufficiently nourished, or because it lacks some essential component that your body should generate naturally. And that is where food, exercise and the absence of stress have a lot of influence. The beard is part of you and if you are healthy, your beard will be too. Take care of yourself. Your beard will also appreciate it.

By following these tips, taking care of the skin on your face, and consulting a dermatologist, your beard should remain lustrous and happy, even though it may lose a few hairs or other. Above all, do not obsess and enjoy your beard. It has to be a source of happiness, not anguish.

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