Things To Know About Printing Art Online – A Guide

Printing Art Online

Want to sell your pieces of art or photography online? You need to be able to print them on demand. However, on-demand printing photographs and pieces of art is not easy. Customers come up with different requests for medium, size, brightness, etc. Indeed, one of the most complicated aspects of art prints online is printing on canvas. You cannot print on canvas in your home/office printer. You need a special printing arrangement for this.


Yet, canvas print has an overwhelming edge over paper prints, especially when it comes to pieces of art.


Canvas Printing


Needless to say, canvas prints stand out from the rest. They offer a better visual treat and also last very long. Online canvas printing companies use long-lasting archival print products so that customers can use them for over 100 years. This is because customers can get the best quality prints only if they get fine-quality canvas prints for their photography and art pieces.  


Good quality canvas prints boast top-quality materials like high-quality archival poly-cotton canvas, poplar stretcher bars, UV-resistant coatings, archival inks applied by hand, etc. The best quality canvas art prints online are coated and hand stretched by trained professionals. Indeed, the best online prints follow standards set forth by the Fine Art Trade Guild for aspects like pH, light-fastness, etc. The latest technology, museum-quality archival materials, and experienced personnel are the best bet for high-quality canvas prints.

Printing Art


You can also get specially designed edges like stretched canvas prints with mirrored wrapped edges. You can convey your requirement for custom borders like mirrored wrapped edges through email. However, you can get such prints only on 1.5 deep stretched canvas. However, the perfect canvas print also depends a lot on the file you send. So, you need to check the file for dark lines or white lines. They are mostly found near the print edge, and if there are such lines in the file you may not get a truly enchanting “mirror” around the edge.


Drop Shipping 


Online on-demand printing is a very popular facility for drop shipping entrepreneurs selling photographs and art online. If you are doing such a business, you need to make sure that you tie up with the right people. Proper drop shipping tie-up for art prints online can save time, offer fast shipping to customers, handle damage and return claims, and also store your photographs and art.




If you are looking to sell your art pieces and photography pieces online, you need to make sure that you tie up with a reliable online on-demand printing service. There are such services. However, you need to make sure that the service you select can print on canvas and fulfill all customer specifications in it. Also, make sure that it has all the infrastructure. 

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