Trophy Maintenance: How to Preserve and Display Your Awards?

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Trophies, more than mere symbols of achievement, encapsulate athletes’ and teams’ dedication, sweat, and triumphs. Whether it’s a football trophy proudly lifted on a championship field or a basketball award commemorating an outstanding season, these accolades hold a special place in the hearts of those who earn them. Yet, as time passes, trophies can only lose their luster with proper care. This guide delves into the art of trophy maintenance, a crucial aspect often overlooked in celebrating victories. At the Decade Awards, we understand each trophy’s profound significance and the memories it represents. As a beacon of accomplishment, an award is a testament to the relentless pursuit of excellence. However, the wear and tear of time can dull its brilliance. That’s where our expertise comes in. We recognize that preserving these symbols of success is essential to honoring the dedication and hard work that went into earning them.

Cleaning and Dusting

  1. Gentle Cleaning Solutions:
  • Use mild, non-abrasive cleaning solutions to wipe away dust and grime. Avoid harsh chemicals that may damage the trophy’s finish.
  1. Soft Brushes and Cloths:
  • Employ soft brushes or microfiber cloths for intricate details and hard-to-reach areas. Be gentle to prevent scratching or scuffing.
  1. Regular Dusting:
  • Dust your trophies regularly to prevent buildup. A soft brush or a can of compressed air can be effective in reaching crevices and corners.

Protecting Against Elements

  1. Display Cases:
  • Consider placing trophies in display cases to shield them from dust, moisture, and direct sunlight. Display cases also add an elegant touch to the presentation.
  1. Temperature and Humidity Control:
  • Avoid extreme temperatures and humidity levels, as they can adversely affect the material and finish of your trophies. Keep trophies in a climate-controlled environment.
  1. UV Protection:
  • If trophies are exposed to natural light, ensure the display area has UV-protected glass to prevent fading and discoloration.

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Handling and Placement

  1. Proper Handling:
  • Always handle trophies with clean, dry hands to prevent oil and dirt transfer. Hold them by the sturdiest parts to avoid breakage.
  1. Secure Placement:
  • Ensure trophies are securely placed on stable surfaces to prevent accidental falls or damage. Avoid crowded shelves to minimize the risk of collisions.

Restoration and Repair

  1. Professional Restoration:
  • Consider professional restoration services for valuable or sentimental trophies if they show wear. Experts can repair damage and restore the original shine.
  1. DIY Repairs:
  • Minor scratches or chips can be addressed with DIY repair kits designed for the specific materials of your trophies. Follow the instructions carefully to avoid further damage.

Routine Check-ups

  1. Scheduled Inspections:
  • Regularly inspect your trophies for any signs of deterioration. Catching issues early can prevent extensive damage and increase the longevity of your basketball awards.
  1. Rejuvenation Rituals:
  • Periodically rejuvenate your trophies with a gentle cleaning and polish to maintain their luster. Celebrate your achievements by ensuring the symbols of your success shine just as brightly.

Personalized Trophies and Awards

  1. Delicate Engravings:

When cleaning trophies with personalized engravings, use a soft brush or cloth to avoid damaging the delicate details. Pay extra attention to engraved names, dates, and messages.

  1. Avoid Harsh Chemicals:

Steer clear of harsh cleaning chemicals that may fade or blur the engraved text. Opt for mild solutions to ensure the football trophy and its personalized elements remain pristine.

  1. Gentle Handling:

Handle personalized trophies and awards with extra care, especially around engraved areas. Hold them by the base or sturdiest parts to prevent accidental damage to the customized engravings.

  1. Inspection of Engravings:

Inspect the personalized engravings during routine check-ups for signs of wear or fading. Promptly address any issues to maintain the integrity of the customized details.

  1. Communication with professionals:

When considering restoration or repairs for personalized trophies, communicate clearly with professionals about the importance of preserving the engraved elements. Ensure they have experience handling customized basketball awards.


Trophies represent more than just physical tokens of achievement; they embody athletes’ and teams’ dedication, hard work, and triumphs. While these symbols of success may naturally lose their luster over time, proper football trophy maintenance is essential to preserve their brilliance and the memories they hold.

At Decade Awards, we understand the profound significance of each football trophy and the emotions tied to it. As a testament to the pursuit of excellence, we acknowledge the importance of preserving these symbols of success. Our expertise in trophy maintenance ensures that these accolades remain vibrant and meaningful for years to come. To know more, call now at 509-474-9530.

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