Why Consider DAX Tutorial For Year To Date Calculation?

If you are going to consider a data calculation tool, make sure you choose one that will assist you in achieving your goals. For example, if you want to create a Big Data report for your business, you must use tools like DAX to help achieve this goal. Enterprise DNA offers DAX Tutorial for people who wish to learn about the device and how to apply it to their business needs.

Role of DAX Tutorial in Your Business Growth

1. Keeps you updated on the latest changes made in the tool

We offer courses like DAX Tutorial that helps you learn more about DAX and how it can be applied to your business needs. It remains updated on the latest changes to DAX and has been offering interactive learning sessions for many years. We not only provide you with basic modules but also give you hands-on sessions for better understanding.

2. Keeps your business competitive

If you want to stay in the race and be competitive for a more extended period, you need to use tools to help you grow as a business. DAX is one such tool that will help you outgrow your competition and help keep it in the game for longer. The tool does not take much time to master, and once you learn more about the DAX, you can quickly outwit your competitors.

3. Helps you to improve your skill set

Business owners need to be able to use their tools to make an impact. If you use a tool like a Data Analysis Tool constantly, you must continuously update your skills and abilities. It will help you get better over time and also help in improving your company’s growth rate.

4. Helps you stay ahead of the competition

If you are a business owner, you will undoubtedly want to stay ahead of your competition. It is good that DAX is updated regularly and offered in a manner that makes it easy to learn. That is another reason we offer people DAX tutorials and other courses to help them learn about the tool from an expert perspective.

5. Helps you keep your business where you want it to be

If your business is running on a tool like DAX, it is easier for you to keep track of everything happening with your organization. It keeps the company on track and helps you make important decisions if and when required.

6. Helps in organizing the data that is available for you

A sound reporting system comes with a great tool that will help process the data so that it makes sense for everyone involved. You need to ensure that you are doing everything the right way to get the most out of your data. You need to organize data and keep it the way it should be.


Types of KPI in Power BI?

1. Measurable

You need to make sure that you have a KPI that is measurable and that it can help you in managing your business. It will help you in doing so and understand how far away you are from your set goals.

2. Achievable

A KPI needs to be achievable. It is especially the case if you are dealing with Power BI KPI. If it is too hard, you will not be able to get the job done, and that is where you may lose a lot of money and time.

3. Good measures of success

You need to have a good measure of success in your KPI; this helps you understand the progress made. The data and information need to be more than enough for you to know how far away you are from your goal.

4. Relevant

It is essential for a KPI to be relevant and ensure that it is something you can work with. If it seems irrelevant or you feel you cannot work with it, it may pose more of a problem for you.

5. Comparable

You need to ensure that your Power BI KPI resembles the data you are dealing with. That will help you make the process easier for everyone and also help you make a better decision on how to move forward.

6. Accurate

Accuracy is paramount, and it is something that you need to ensure at all times. Only when you have an accurate report can you make the right decision, which will help you take action.


Enterprise DNA offers Year To Date Calculation in DAX, a course that can help you learn more about the tool and how to apply it to your organization. It is an essential tool that can be very useful when dealing with big data and can be very useful when you want to plot data. The course is offered interactively, and it helps people understand the concepts of using DAX in their business needs.



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