A Guide to Prospective Grants Management Software for Foundations

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Grants play a crucial factor in accumulating funding resources for any non-profit organisation.The additional money helps the foundation guide more people in the community. So, the grants obtained are equal to receiving donations from other businesses and individuals. In addition, most federal or local government entities offer grants. Again, corporations or foundations can also offer grants in case of partnership with non-profits. Grants application is a time-consuming effort, and it involves a lot of paperwork. It happens because the organisations offering grants want to make sure that their grants are put to the best use. With innovation and technology, the process of grants has an accessible and convenient approach now. Investing in grants management software can streamline the application process with peace of mind.

What Is The Use Of Grants Management Software?

Grants management software for foundations provides grant givers with a platform to manage their workflows and optimise communication. They can directly communicate with grantees and applicants for the entire grant period cycle. In addition, the software initiates the automation of the administrative work related to the grant-making process. It also frees the staff to focus on other strategies and public relations and to grab other opportunities which are otherwise difficult to track.

The following ways prove that grant management software helps to increase the funds effectively:

1. Discovery Of Available Grants In A Community

Grant management software constantly looks for available funding sources in your area. It sets the alarm automatically on the location of grant opportunities that the discovery can offer.

2. Single-Point Organisation Of Data

All the information related to due dates, history, contacts, goals, report facilities, budget, and more in one place. No more paperwork through shuffling massive data. You’ll receive and resolve all your requirements here.

3. Management Of Grants

The software permits tracking all the details of the grants process from first to last. It also includes the submission method, status, and all relevant dates, Understand and acquires the knowledge of each application and where you stand in the process.

4. Tracking With Automatic System

 You can have all your important dates in one place, which helps you to manage time with integrated calendars. It sets automatic deadline reminders that ensure you never miss an opportunity. The alerts are visible across multiple platforms, and all persons related to the process get ready updates of the system. It creates an atmosphere of informed individuals who can actively and timely action.

5. Easy Generation Of Reports

The software helps to generate comprehensive reports that enable you to lead the presentation, grant interviews, and board meetings like a pro. In addition, it helps to create customised reports that you can share with staff and optimise the operations.

6. Keeping Neat Financial Statements

The grant management software allows the features associated with budgeting to integrate with accounting; therefore, it allows demonstrating responsible financial strategies before the fund givers.

7. Grant Writing Guidance

The software enables you to collect information based on the existing grants, and writing future grants becomes easy.

8. Mobile Accessibility

Android and iPhone users can have the mobility to access the grants management software at all times.Furthermore, the software allows the addition of text notes or pictures easily to the records. Thus, theapplication makes it suitable for site visits and convenient.

9. Audit Facility

Its a vital benefit to view all the changes in the profile, grant, or request since its beginning. It allows you to review all the history, and you’ll never lose a chance.

Do You Still Need Grant Management Software For Foundations?

Tracking grants using an excel spreadsheet is a daunting task. That is why you need software that can do the job with dedication. A legacy solution or a home-grown system requires a modern updated system to streamline with the latest technology. Management of grants is a complicated process and often needs multiple acquisitions of reviewers, follow-up processes, and payouts reporting.

Grantmakers can readily access their investments’ performance with the help of trackable reports. The management’s foresight vision to administer the grants offered can significantly impact effective participation. Implementation of a new system allows the workflow to move systematically. Thus, you can save time and effort with the impact of grant management software technology.

How Good Is The Software For Small Nonprofits?

The software is applicable to manage all types of nonprofits, big or small. It will allow your team to leverage the workflow when they can access all information regarding the present grants packages. In addition, it does the job of streamlining the grants process application with the allocation of the grant amount. It also gives an overview of the past rejected grants and helps create more progressive future goals.

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