Cure Your Mental Health With Benoit Morin PHSA

Mental Health With Benoit Morin PHSA

Mental health is difficult to talk about. It’s more than just thinking and feeling the same things that other people do. It can be crippling. There are some things that people with mental health issues want to talk about, but they’re too embarrassed to. People suffering from mental health problems often feel like they’re not good enough or smart enough, so the stigma and misconceptions around it can be difficult to overcome. Benoit Morin, PHSA, is a speaker who will talk to audiences about his personal experience with mental illness.

Morin is a person who is well-known in the mental health world. He’s been involved with many other organizations, including the Canadian Mental Health Association. 

Tips Towards Mental Health By Benoit Morin PHSA That Must Be Kept in Mind

  1. Talk to your friends and family about it. That can help you realize that what you’re going through is normal and that some people know what you’re feeling.
  1. Take care of yourself. Sometimes people with mental health issues don’t realize how much they take from themselves. Just because you’re feeling bad doesn’t mean you have to stop everything or put others first.
  1. Try to stay positive. You must give yourself credit for progress and not just wallow in your self-pity.
  1. Don’t listen to other people’s opinions of you. Your family and friends have a different opinion of you than anyone else, so why would you let them pollute your own?
  1. Get help if you need it. Some people are willing to help, and you can get support and things that will lower your stress levels.
  1. You don’t have to be ashamed. You can still go out and do the things you want and be yourself in all situations.
  1. Don’t dump on the people around you. You may know what they’re going through, but they don’t know what’s happening to you. Don’t be afraid to talk about it; bring them into it if you need to.
  1. Your life can be good. You need to get out of the way of it and try.
  1. Be kind to yourself. You’re a person, too, and deserve kindness, even if you don’t feel like it at certain times in your life.
  1. Take a break from whatever is causing stress, whether a person, place, or thing.

Benoit Morin has spoken all over Canada, the United States, and Europe. He’s been a guest speaker at many mental health conferences and has spoken with the media regarding his experience with mental health issues. It is something that people with mental health problems should be open about. It can help facilitate conversation and support people with mental health issues. It can be a happy experience, with the knowledge that there are people who understand what you’re going through and will continue to listen to and support you.

Things According to Benoit Morin Will Help Your Mind and Body

  1. Take a walk, preferably outside.
  1. Get some fresh air, particularly if you’re cooped up in a small office all day.
  1. Appreciate what you have learned from your mental health issues. They shape you into someone more understanding and better able to deal with life’s problems.
  1. Try to spend time doing some of your hobbies. If you’re an artist, then try to paint some new paintings. If you enjoy playing an instrument, try spending some time at it.
  1. Eat right and exercise. A good workout is an excellent thing for the mind and body!
  1. Try to make time for yourself every day. Whether it’s a few minutes or an entire hour, it doesn’t matter.
  1. Stretch your mind, as well as your muscles, by learning something new and challenging yourself in classes or seminars.
  1. Spend time with people who make you happy. Talking to them, laughing with them, and just enjoying your time together.
  1. Focus on what you’re good at, and don’t beat yourself up about things that aren’t working well for you. It’s only a matter of time until they work out and begin to give back to you in some way that you’ll be grateful for later on.

Benoit Morin, PHSA, a healthcare leader and speaker, has spoken to many audiences about the effects of mental disorders. There are many things that people who suffer from mental health problems go through, but they are often misunderstood. Mental health issues can be something you’re ashamed of or don’t want to discuss, or happiness is hidden under the carpet. It all depends on how much someone knows about it and how much support they have from around them. 

Why Are People Suffering With Mental Illness?

It doesn’t mean you will not succeed if you have a mental illness. If you can persevere and realize that the inability to talk about your problems is not an excuse for not achieving your goals, you can enjoy a successful career.

One of the most misunderstood and tricky issues in mental health is schizophrenia or bipolar disorder. Schizophrenia is a severe brain disorder that affects how a person thinks, feels, and behaves. It affects the way a person perceives time and reality and the way a person communicates with others. When a person has schizophrenia, they experience psychosis which has symptoms of delusion and hallucinations. Delusions are ideas not based on reality, and hallucinations are experiences of things that are not there.

According to Benoit Morin PHSA, schizophrenia is a mental illness that influences how someone’s brain works. That can cause erratic behaviors, believing something is the truth and not realizing it is not. It is often caused by genetic issues like the mind controlling the brain or chemicals in the body creating a disorder. Some therapies for schizophrenia and bipolar disorder work by dealing with these thoughts and behaviors to reduce their symptoms.


In conclusion, people with mental health problems can have some serious issues with their minds and body. They can have trouble controlling their depression, anxiety, delusions, and hallucinations. These things can cause people to feel alone and confused. The most important thing to remember is that they are not alone in this battle, and help is available if they get the courage to ask for it.

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