Benefits of Email Marketing and Tracking Through Power BI


Today’s online marketing campaigns are complex, and you need to make them interesting through innovative ideas. The emergence of social media marketing has changed many things nowadays. Instead of focusing on conventional marketing ideas, businesses focus on innovative approaches to draw buyers’ attention quickly.

However, it does not mean that email marketing has become obsolete in today’s business marketing scenario. Businesses that ignore the power of email marketing may be the lost opportunity to magnetize more visitors. You can easily find bulk email services for successfully running your email marketing campaign.

So, how can bulk email marketing prove beneficial for your business? How can power BI calculate help you monitor your email campaign? In the following section, you can find a discussion on the benefits of using bulk emails for business marketing.

  1. Improve Customer Retention Rate

A business marketing campaign often focuses on converting the leads into buyers. Moreover, the campaign also intends to fetch more leads for your business. While finding new buyers is crucial, businesses must also focus on improving retention.

Customer retention depends on multiple factors, and product quality is not the only crucial thing in customer retention. Despite rendering top-quality products and services, many businesses fail to retain customers. Firstly, the retention rate is poor due to a lack of communication with the existing customers. Secondly, your marketing campaign does not reach the existing customers when a new product has been launched.

Email marketing is a proven method of improving the retention rate of your business. In other words, you can reach existing customers through an email campaign and sell the desired products precisely. So, an email marketing campaign can drastically improve the customer retention rate for your business.

  1. An Affordable Marketing Campaign

Businesses should keep the cost in mind when running a marketing campaign. A business campaign may have multiple components, and email has a significant role in a business promotional campaign. The best thing about bulk email marketing is its affordability. You can find free bulk emails to run your business campaign easily.

You do not need to hire content creators for email marketing campaigns. Writing a simple email to notify a product launch or other business event is simple. However, many businesses still search for content developers to make their email campaigns more attractive. But, the cost of creating email campaigns is lower than running other business marketing campaigns.

  1. Deliver Personalized Messages

You can segregate your contact list according to your clients’ or customers’ preferences and responses. Using bulk emails helps you run personalized email campaigns for your customers. In other words, you can reach every potential customer with a uniquely crafted email. Your target audiences will appreciate the hint of personalization in an email campaign.

Creating a personalized email campaign is not complicated, as you can personalize the messages according to the targeted customer groups. Moreover, bulk email service helps you run campaigns from different business email accounts. As a result, your marketing campaign becomes more appealing to the target audiences.

  1. Drive Revenue through an Email Campaign

Every business searches for the scope to earn revenue through implementing different marketing ideas. Bulk email sending can improve your business’s revenue to a large extent. A bulk email campaign fetches customers directly to your online store. In most cases, these leads are highly convertible leads. Therefore, you can enjoy growth in business revenue through email marketing campaigns.

Retaining the customers improves the business revenue to a large extent. Businesses often struggle to find new customers, even though they sell top-quality products. On the other hand, retaining existing customers is a simpler and proven way of improving business revenue. Email marketing is the best medium to reach existing customers and enhance business revenue.

  1. Easy to Determine the Impact

Businesses often invest in different marketing strategies, though they face problems assessing the marketing campaign’s effectiveness. Running an email marketing campaign is useful for this reason. You can easily determine the impact of the marketing campaign and make changes to the approach according to the feedback.

You can easily track the buyers who reach your online store through an email marketing campaign. Moreover, you can use the bulk email sender and analytics tool to send and assess the campaign’s effectiveness. Since the impact is easy to determine, you can plan your future investment in email marketing campaigns with more efficiency.

  1. Quick Impact

The online marketing campaigns that are popular among business owners nowadays do not fetch instant results. You need to give time to a campaign to fetch something positive from it. Therefore, small businesses struggle a little in the initial stage of running their business marketing campaigns. In the first three to six months, you will observe high expenses in marketing campaigns. On the other hand, the return on these expenses remains minimal in the early stage.

But, email marketing is an exception in such a scenario, as a well-planned email marketing campaign brings almost immediate impact. The potential buyers convert into actual buyers quickly since people do not remember the emails for a long time. They intend to purchase something as soon as they read or notice an email.

  1. Free Bulk Message Sending Tools

Running email marketing campaigns has become simpler due to the presence of various bulk message sender tools. You can use such tools to improve the email campaign’s productivity. At the same time, the tools will save you time in managing email marketing campaigns.

The free bulk email-sending tools come with multiple features to make email marketing easier for you. For example, you can segregate your contacts into multiple groups. Moreover, you can track email responses and create a list of the most responsive customers. Sending emails to such customers increases your chance of selling products.

  1. Reach Global Audiences

Conventional business marketing has a drawback, which is limited availability. You can find a campaign limitedly available in a particular geographical boundary. But, eCommerce sellers want to expand their boundaries to find more potential buyers. Conventional TV advertisements and other marketing tactics only work in a particular locality or region.

Email marketing campaign helps you go global with your products and services. Reaching global audiences is crucial for two reasons. Firstly, it improves your business revenue as you reach a larger section of buyers. Secondly, email marketing gives you global brand recognition. Such a business can easily expand from one region to another.

  1. Run Campaign in Multiple Languages Easily

You can run an email marketing campaign in different languages using a power bulk email sender tools. Many such tools offer multi-lingual support to users to run campaigns in different languages. You can convert your text content to any other language through the translator tool. Alternatively, you can hire a manual translation service to reach a global audience. However, a manual translator will cost you more than a regular translator.


Power Business Intelligence (BI) for Tracking Email Marketing

A business intelligence tool takes data from different business departments and arranges data in a systematic manner to aid in decision-making. You can track an email marketing campaign’s conversion rate, reach, responses, and other important data. The BI platform offers multiple tools that you can use for business marketing. You need to find a professional developer for the power BI calculate platform.


So, these are why businesses should not neglect the power of email marketing campaigns. A well-managed email campaign can fetch excellent results for your business. Moreover, you can efficiently run such campaigns using the power bulk email sender tools.

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