What are Sieves Used For in a Laboratory?


Sieves are tools most commonly found in laboratories to separate contents. There are many types of sieves, each with a different purpose. We at Gogen Lab Supplies offer several sieve product lines from brands you know and trust.

We offer a wide range of products for all your laboratory needs — including our own branded sieves — so that you can be sure to find what you need for any science project. Our selection includes micro sieves, coarse screen mesh, and many more.

Importance of Using Sieves

In the laboratory, Sieves can be used for the following:

1. Separation of components

These are effective for separating or screening different substances with different particle sizes. Sieves can separate solids from liquids, metals from nonmetals, and salts from free acids or bases. The large openings of the sieve allow material to pass through, but small particles are retained in the sieve by various standards. Different types of sieves may be used for the same purpose.

2. Standardization

Sieve materials must be standardized so that they are the same all the time and will not change when being produced. Sieves may be stocked and manufactured in various sizes to be distributed to customers at their request. Sieves may also be merchandised with other lab instruments.

3. Screening or grading of solids

Sieves are used for standardizing samples or separating a large quantity of material into packages according to specifications (e.g., particle size). Different types of sieves are used to spread particles. The particle and sample mixture size affects the grade of the sieve used. Sieves are categorized according to the mesh size, which refers to the size of a particle that will fit through. A mixture of small particles may be spread out with a coarse sieve, while a mixture of larger particles may be spread out with a fine sieve.

Tips To Use Heating Mantle

1. Use a heating mantle for the best results.

A heating mantle is one of the most widely used tools in a lab. These tools have been around for ages and have had many changes from their original versions to what they are today. Heating mantles offer you many options, including temperature control and adjustable heights that give you perfect results each time.

2. Use heating mantles to heat or cool liquids quickly and efficiently.

Heating mantles allow you to heat or cool liquids quickly without using excess energy. They also don’t require time to cool down. That allows you the freedom to use them when you need them instead of trying to find the perfect time for your liquids to be at a certain temperature.

3. Understand how heating mantles work before purchasing one for your lab.

Most heating mantle offers you several points of control, including infrared technology, adjustable height and removable glass covers. Knowing how these features will affect your results and which features are ideal will help you choose the right mantle while shopping around.

4. Consider the accompanying items that are available for heating mantles.

When looking at a specific heating mantle, take some time to look at the available accessories. These accessories are designed to enhance your results and lessen any problems with a mantle. Some of these accessories include:

a) Glass cover – Heating mantles come with glass covers so you can heat your liquids without worrying about breath affecting the results or contamination.

b) Feet – Most mantles come with feet that are removable and adjustable. These feet help you to get the perfect height every time. Moving your mantle is easy, even when full of liquids, thanks to this feature.

c) Traps – Some heating mantles come with a trap to help collect excess liquids on your mantle. It helps you to prevent any spills and mishaps while heating.


Gogen Lab Supplies offers a variety of heating mantles that you can choose from. They range from small, compact options to more powerful and high-quality options. We have multiple choices with multiple features to help you get the best results each time. We have a wide selection of products to help your laboratory needs, so you can shop confidently, knowing that we have something for you. To know more, you can contact us at 800.777.7120.


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