Everything To Know About Using Hardwood Timber Decking

Hardwood Timber Decking

Hardwood products are popular and attractive wood choices for residential and commercial properties. It gives a natural warmth while also adding curb appeal to your space. When you have light wood timbers installed, it will provide the perfect outlet for the natural humidity within your walls. While Hardwood Timber Decking has many advantages, it is important to keep in mind that this type of product can be relatively difficult to maintain and care for over time. South Gate Timber offers the best hardwood decking to make your home look great.

Hardwood Timber Decking is a popular choice for homeowners because it requires very little maintenance and can last for decades. It is often installed as a replacement for the aging timber decking so that you can breathe new life into your old Property with an easy improvement. It features an attractive appearance that provides a pleasing aesthetic and can be treated easily to maintain its natural coloring.

Where Can Hardwood Timber Decking Be Used?

1. Commercial Property

Hardwood Timber Decking is popular for various properties, including commercial spaces. It can be used in hotels and public areas because it is highly resistant to staining and damage from liquids. This type of decking product features a natural aesthetic that will improve the appearance of your Property. Whether you are looking for an attractive design that can be left untreated or you want to treat the wood with something like a stain or paint to enhance its appearance further.

2. Residential Property

Timber decking is also a popular option for residential properties. It can be used in the same places you would use traditional timber decking, such as near the doors and windows of your home. It will offer an attractive element to your Property while providing an extra layer of protection against moisture damage over time. It features a natural coloring that can be treated to achieve a specific shade you are looking for, or you can leave it untreated so it will naturally darken over time.

What are the Advantages of Hardwood Timber Decking?

1. Natural Appearance

Hardwood Timber Decking features a natural appearance that will look great on your Property. It features a wooden look that will give your house an attractive upgrade and provide a warm and inviting atmosphere for your home by absorbing moisture from within the walls and providing an outlet for this humidity.

2. Easy Care

Hardwood Timber Decking is surprisingly easy to care for. It can be waxed to leave a light finish or stained to give your decking a specific color. This type of product allows you to achieve the exact look you want without worrying about damaging your Property while maintaining it.

3. Durability

It provides you with an incredibly durable option for decking material. It can last for decades without giving you any major maintenance issues. It features a natural look that will improve the appearance of your home so that you can breathe new life into your Property with a simple improvement. Hardwood decking is more resistant to damage and staining than traditional hardwood timbers.

4. Optimal Performance

Hardwood Timber Decking is often installed as a replacement for traditional wood decking because it offers an efficient way to improve the look of your Property. It features natural characteristics that make it a highly desirable option for any homeowner. It can provide increased comfort and convenience by allowing you to breathe new life into your space without worrying about the upkeep involved in keeping traditional timber decking in good condition.

5. Space Saver

It allows you to reduce the overall square footage in your home. Hardwood Timber Decking is an efficient way to improve the appearance of your Property without having to increase its size and creep into your living area. It features a distinctive look that will complement your home’s design and can contribute towards a natural aesthetic look.

How to Select the Right Hardwood Timber Decking for You

1. Select the Correct Type of Hardwood Timber for Your Space:

When searching for both a decorative and durable option, you can select hardwood timber decking that is suitable for your home. It features a natural appearance, so it will naturally fade in Appearance over time and look attractive if you want to treat it with something like a stain or paint. It is also very resistant to damage, so you can be sure it will not rot or crack over time.

2. Select the Correct Sizes:

When looking for a standard size, such as 8″ x 8″, ensure it fits into the space where it will be installed. If you still need an existing decking system that can be used, you may need to look at a different product than what is suggested by your home improvement store.

3. Choose the Correct Stain:

This type of hardwood timber decking can be stained to match your existing timber deck. It features a natural appearance that can be made darker or lighter, so you can achieve the color you want to match your existing space. It is extremely durable and will not rot over time, so you can leave it untreated, and it will naturally darken. Its natural appearance makes it a great option for homeowners who prefer an attractive look without any external treatments.

4. Select the Correct Length:

The length of your timber decking will depend on the existing decking structure you are replacing and the design you are trying to achieve. If you need to choose different lengths for your decking, ensure it will fit into your space. This type of decking product is more versatile than traditional timber, so you can easily find variations that fit between joists and standard structures.

5. Select the Correct Thickness:

Hardwood timber decking is available in many thicknesses, but you must select the correct one for your needs. You need to make sure that it is strong enough to support the weight of your deck while still maintaining a natural appearance. It will come in lengths up to 2″, so if you have a smaller deck area, you may want a thinner product. It can be treated with stain or paint, which will help maintain its natural appearance over time.

6. Select the Correct Color:

Your hardwood timber decking color can be matched to your existing timber to give an attractive upgrade, or you can choose a natural wood color that will naturally darken with age. You need to make sure it fits the look you are trying to achieve, so it is best to consider this decision with your homeowner’s insurance agent or a qualified contractor before making your purchase. It can be stained, waxed, or painted right after installation.

7. Select the Correct Material:

When it comes to timbers, hardwood timber decking is often considered to be a premium product that is stronger and more durable than traditional timber options. It is sourced from sustainable resources, so you are positively impacting our environment by making an environmentally safe choice. It features chemical-free products that will not threaten your health or the surrounding environment, so it is safe for residential properties.

8. Measuring Your Space

To get a good idea of how much of your space you will be able to cover with the hardwood timber decking you choose, make sure you find a way to measure the existing deck. You can use a tape measure to measure the width and length on both sides of the existing structure and then multiply these measurements to figure out how many square feet are available for your deck.


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