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Fit Mind and a Healthy Lifestyle Leads to Fit Body

Does your mind need a workout? You may not think mental exercises have anything to do with physical fitness, but if your mind is in shape, you are more likely to make healthier choices. A fit mind automatically leads to a fit body! It is time for you to get on the information treadmill and work out your brain as hard as you work out the rest of your body!

The human brain never stops being active. Even when we sleep, our brains work at an incredible rate. Benoit Morin, a health care executive in Toronto, Canada, said, “While asleep, our brains work much the same way as we do awake.”

People who think clearly and critically will be more successful in life and business. Scientists have proven that the brain has two different hemispheres: one is logical and analytical, while the other is creative and intuitive. When we exercise our minds, we get a chance to use both sides of our brains. So by exercising your mind, you will also be exercising your body.


What Has To Be Done At Your WorkPlace When It Comes To Health Care?


1. Manage Health Efficiently: All businesses are racing against time to see who can minimize healthcare costs. Your company needs to manage all departments, including salaries, benefits, training, recruitment, insurance, and other aspects of the business.

2. Focus On Prevention: Organizations must reduce healthcare costs by promoting healthy lifestyle practices in the work environment. They have to promote self-care products (e.g., nuts). Using artificial sweeteners may lead to obesity and diabetes in children and adults.

3. Implement Health Risk Assessments: You need to perform health risk assessments regularly to monitor employee health trends and determine the best strategies for healthcare intervention. You can also assign mentors to employees who require assistance regarding their health.

4. Ensure a Healthy Work Environment: Benoit Morin PHSA believes an organization can reduce healthcare costs by encouraging and promoting healthier work environments. Workplace health programs include smoking cessation programs, exercise opportunities, and healthy cafeteria options (e.g., salad bars).

5. Wellness Incentives: It is essential to determine if employees know the benefits, such as flexible spending accounts. These incentives do not cost employers much money, but they are very effective at keeping employees healthy and productive.

6. Flexible Work Hours: Employees who work in environments that accommodate flex hours are less stressed than those who come to work early or stay late. So Benoit Morin says it is essential to minimize employee stress by working out flexible hours for all employees.


What Has To Be Done To Maintain a Healthy Life?

1. Feed the Brain, Not the Ego: We are all different when it comes to food. And what works for one person may not work for another. However, research suggests that a balanced diet is vital for physical and mental health.

2. Get Enough Sleep, But Not Too Much: Forget about getting 8 hours of sleep every night. Many studies suggest that most people need less than that amount of sleep per night to function normally and feel rested. Sleep is essential to well-being, and too much of it can be harmful.

3. Get A Workout at Least Five Days A Week: Benoit Morin says that you can achieve muscle strength without going to the gym by doing squats, pushups, and pullups in the morning or pushing exercises with your arms, such as curls and triceps extensions.

4. Sports or Resistance Training: For many, exercise is a way to release stress and build confidence. If this is the case for you, you should walk or run for around an hour daily. You can sometimes add running to increase stamina. Regular exercise will make you feel better about yourself and improve your mood.

5. Eat A Healthy Diet That Includes Whole Grains, Vegetables, and Fruits: Your diet will also impact your energy level, how you feel, and how much you weigh. The best way to eat a well-balanced diet is to learn about the food groups, how much each group you need per day, and how to prepare your meals.

6. Eat Breakfast Every Day: Breakfast is essential because it helps fuel your brain and body for the day ahead. If you skip breakfast, you will put your body in starvation mode, which can cause a sluggish metabolism. In addition, studies show that eating breakfast helps children pay attention in school.

7. Eat A Balanced Diet Throughout the Day: Research shows that eating three meals and two or three snacks can benefit your health. For example, snacks stabilize blood sugar levels and help prevent hunger pangs later in the day.


Benoit Morin PHSA, is doing his best to ensure that employees do not lack anything. He is working hard to make sure that the employees are staying healthy and fit and that they do not have too many problems when it comes to their health issues.

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