Google’s Project Magi: An Attempt to Increase Its Search Engine Dominance

Google's Project Magi

Since OpenAI released ChatGPT in November 2022, Google has seen that more and more people use it. Google is working on several projects to meet this need and protect its core business.

The New York Times recently said that Google is working on a new project called “Magi.” As part of this project, the current search engine will be updated, and a new AI-based search engine will be made.

So, the Company is constantly coming up with new ideas and trying out new things to make sure that the core business will last and be important.

Project Magi: Improving the current search engine and making a new one based on artificial intelligence

Project Magi is being worked on by some of Google’s best engineers, designers, and leaders. For the project, a Sprint room is set up where the new version of the search engine is tested and worked on.

It has aimed to seek a more personalized experience and meet the intent demand of the users.

Last Sunday, the New York Times said that sources told them that more than 160 people are working full-time on the project Magi.

The planned search engine will learn from what people look for and give them choices for buying things, doing research, and finding information. It will also be more like talking to a person, with a more casual tone.

Understanding the Value of the Magi for Google

As we’ve already said, Google has been aware of the hype around AI. Even more so since the South Korean tech giant Samsung is thinking about switching from Google to the Microsoft Bing search engine.

This threat pushed Google to start Project Magi and work on a new search engine based on artificial intelligence.

To make things even more exciting, Google’s deal with Apple, which is worth an extra $20 billion, is up for renewal.

So, it was inevitable that the tech giant would start moving in a new and exciting direction.

Google's Project Magi

Testing the new ideas made in Project Magi

Google asked some of its employees to answer some follow-up questions so it could see how well it could keep conversations going. After getting the results they wanted, Google plans to make the new tools available to everyone in the next month.

The function will be available to 1 million people when it first comes out, and that number is expected to grow to 30 million over time.

The tools will also only be offered in the US for the time being.

Why so eager to start this new project, Magi?

Another significant point raised in the latest York Times study was the growing threat to Google’s $162 billion-per-year search engine from Microsoft’s Bing and its latest enhancements.

Despite the fact that Google maintained a market share of 80% for a few years, Bing’s AI advancement is gaining ground.

Competitors such as Alphabet lost $100 billion in value around early February of this year. The main reason for this is that BARD, the company’s new chatbot, provided incorrect information in a promotional film.

So far, Alphabet and Samsung have not responded to Reuters’ requests for comment. However, Google may see this as a chance to fill the void left by Alphabet in order to gain additional territory.

Final Words

Given Google’s devotion to maintaining its status as the “King of Search Engines,” we’re eager to see what Project Magi has to offer. Will it be able to compete with ChatGPT and the new Bing?

We’ll have to wait a few months until finding out. What are your thoughts on this? Stay connected for more updates!

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