Fix Your Leaking Bathroom With Sealant Applicators

Ever been in the bathroom and seen water seep from under your bathtub or sink? Or worse, a waterfall cascading down your walls? A hole in the seal of your toilet? It can drive you bananas, but fixing it is easy. We at GT Sealants provide you with the best Sealant Applicators to get any job done. When your bathroom needs repair, it’s very important to have the right materials to fix it. Our experts always have the right tools to ensure your fix succeeds. You want a well-done job, and we can do that for you. We repair your bathroom quickly and effectively.

We are specialists when it comes to sealing any bathroom leak. We use only the best products to give you the best results. We’re proud to offer sealant applicators that can fix any leak. Our waterproofing professionals are ready to help you with all your bathroom leak problems, and they also offer helpful tips to keep your bathroom as leak-free as possible.

What is The Role of Sealant Applicators?

1. A leaky tub

One of the most common bathroom leaks is a leaky tub. These are very easy to fix; it’s simply a matter of using some vinyl wall sealant to fill the hole. Just apply a good amount of the sealant on both sides of the wall panel where the leak is coming from, and use your fingers to spread it evenly. A couple of minutes later, you’ll have fixed your problem.

2. Water leak under the bathtub

A leaky bathtub is very annoying when you mop up the floor daily. These problems are common in older bathrooms with worn seals between the tub and the walls. However, they can also happen to new homes. Our Sealant Applicators provide a quick and easy fix.

3. Bathroom leaks leading to mold and mildew

Bathroom leaks can be a serious problem in older homes because they often go undetected for months or even years. Here, a strong odor of mildew will develop during this time, and it may be impossible to stop the source of the water leak without professional help. We as a mastic company can solve this problem for you.

4. Water leak from the toilet bowl

Leaks in your toilet bowl are often caused by old seals that have worn out, even though new ones are available today. These can be easily fixed with our Sealant Applicators, as these products come with a flexible patch to cover the seal, keeping moisture under control.

5. Water leak around the toilet base

Sealing around the toilet base is important, and it’s best if you do it yourself. The Sealant Applicator is an easy way to get this done. Just put some caulk on your tool and spread it all around the toilet base, and you’ll get a tight seal that will prevent moisture from seeping in.

6. Water leak under the sinks

Leaks in the bathroom under the sinks are very common. These problems often happen because there is no caulk at the base of walls where the pipe goes through or because the seal around these pipes has been damaged. Our Sealant Applicators can be used to fix that problem, too.

What To Expect From a Mastic Company?

1. Save time and money – we do all the work

With our Mastic Company, you don’t have to worry about anything. All you have to do is call and tell us about your bathroom problems. We will fix them quickly, so you won’t have to worry about finding time to deal with the problem or hiring another company. And because we are skillful professionals, you can be sure our fixes will last long.

2. We fix anything – no job is too small

If you have a leaky pipe around the toilet or sink, we can fix that for you. We can also fix problems with roofs, siding, windows, and even garage doors. Our specialists will work on any repair or maintenance job that needs to be done.

3. We fix it right – a professional job

We use only the best materials in our bathrooms. We make it a point to use top-grade products that will give you a superior finish, and we make sure these are the right ones to suit your specific jobs. Our experts know how to use the appropriate tools so that you don’t have any troubles after we leave your house.


As a Mastic Company, GT Sealants is ready to help you with any water sealing problem. We are the most reliable mastic experts in town. Our experts can mend your leaky sink and tub with our waterproofing products without any hassles or big repair costs. We also provide the best customer service for all our customers. To know more about us and our work, contact us at 01277 525 020.

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